TheScrewdriver is the ideal Christmas gift for a man and the ideal Christmas present for a woman who loves the look and feel of a hand-made item. Each Screwdriver is made by hand in a small craftsman’s workshop in England. It has to be the only tool which truly deserves the name “designer.” Screwdriver creator Justin Holmes honed his design skills 15 years ago at the Royal College of Art. Those skills are evident in the sheer quality of this much-admired tool. Each handle is made from solid beech and is finished by individually dipping and soaking in linseed oil. As a Christmas present to you, we are offering Free Shipping for a limited period only.

No. 1 Screwdriver Set

£ 29.95

The Screwdriver set 1-1

The Number 1 Screwdriver. An ideal present with its sold beech handle and brass ferrule, this beautiful item comes complete with six interchangeable bits (tips which fit different shapes of screw) and an attractive presentation box. Hand-made in a craftsman's workshop in England - and covered by a full money back guarantee and twelve month warranty....more

No. 2 Screwdriver Set

£ 24.95

The Screwdriver set 2-1

This Number 2 Screwdriver set offers all the hand-made designer build quality of the Number 1 set, with a solid beech handle and a solid brass ferrule. yet with a special design intended for those working within a more confined space. The spherical handle fits neatly into the palm of the hand so that pressure can still be exerted when needed. Six interchangeable bits are also included. Full twelve month warranty and money back guarantee...more

No. 1 and 2 Gift Set

£ 49.95

The Screwdriver set 3-1

The ultimate present. A combined Set of the unique Number 1 and Number 2 Screwdriver complete with nine interchangeable bits  in an attractive gift box. Many people ask us: what can I find as a present for a man who is very difficult to please? The answer is as obvious as "You have our full money-back guarantee if not absolutely delighted." ...more